First, my real name is not Damion Marcos. I’ve chosen to write under a pen name because it allows me to be honest without hurting anyone’s feelings, free to write things that many people who know me in person would be shocked by, and allows me to protect the innocent who might be the subject of a particular article. 
“Daring to Care” is about my experiences raising foster children while caring for a wife who has several chronic illnesses.  From time to time I’ll also reflect on the years I’ve spent caring for others in my life as it seems I was born to be a caretaker.  There have been few dates in my life when there wasn’t someone to take care of who didn’t have cancer, organ failure, was aging, or simply wasn’t coping well with life in general.  In those moments that I had a break from those things I often felt lost and empty.

I’m not always perfect at this.  I’m sometimes unwilling.  But I do know I’m called and until God calls me in another direction, this is who and what I’ll be.